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November 1, 2017
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Northville Holiday Lights – Holiday Light Tips

It’s that time of year! The turkey leftovers are nearly gone, and holiday music is filling the radio stations. Use the last of the long weekend to get your holiday lights up! Is it your first time for hanging lights, or are you looking for a way to make it more efficient? Keep reading for tips from the pros!

Create a Plan

Before you hang anything, take the time to look at your house and determine exactly where you want lights. Choose a focal point to highlight. Consider lighting your home’s windows, doors, eves, pillars, and posts. Trees, bushes, planters, and pathways can also be highlighted. Then take measurements to ensure that you have enough supplies to complete the project. *PRO TIP: to determine how many lights you need for trees, multiply the height by the width, then double the amount to get the square footage.

Stay Safe

Ensure that lights and cords are all rated for outdoor use and are without damage. Outdoor lights should be plugged into circuits protected by ground-fault-interrupters (GFCIs). Never string different types of lights together (manufacturer recommendations can tell you how many of same-type lights you can string together safely). Don’t string lights on any trees that touch power lines.

Try to avoid working alone, but if you must, use a bucket or toolbelt to hold supplies. Use an extension pole to hang as much as possible.

Light Like A Designer

Pay close attention to light colors. While both are considered white lights, LED lights typically have a blueish tint; incandescent bulbs are more yellow. Hang them next to each other and your lights will look mismatched.

In addition to picking a focal point, it’s important to consider how your holiday decor is balanced. A common mistake is to only hang lights at the roofline. Lighting lower windows and bushes will draw the eyes to the entire house rather than just the top.

Consider lighting your backyard! That extra pop of color will be a surprise to holiday light viewers and a special treat for you.

Fasten Correctly

Trade in nails and tacks for plastic clips, which are specially designed grab onto exterior surfaces and windows. Clips are sold based on bulb size, so make sure you know your bulb size before going to the store. Clips will allow you to position your lights upright, facing down or horizontal.

Trust the Experience, Reputation & Results!

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